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Poetic recital/ Thursday, May 12, 8 p.m.

A season in Hell- 10€ 
Text by Arthur Rimbaud performed by Nicolas Galpérine and Sébastien Thévenet

Central text in the work of Arthur Rimbaud, A Season in Hell is a real existential journey. The actors perform here in two voices in an instinctive and musical verbal exchange.


The Interpreters 

Nicolas Galpérine and Sébastien Thévenet, two veteran poets. Have given more than a hundred poetic recitals across France.  Their technical mastery of the texts they share allows them to dialogue in improvisation through a verbal ping-pong at any proof. 

Clément Popis, an outstanding musician, composed an electronic musical accompaniment for the show. The music follows the movements and oscillations of the text to create a sounding board for Rimbaud's poetry. 

The Text 

Ouvrage  central to Arthur Rimbaud's work, A Season in Hell, is the only text he published during his lifetime. In his notes, we detect that Rimbaud thought of calling his text: Prose Contre-Evangélique. Indeed, in this poetic journey, Rimbaud tries to get rid of his belief in God, at the cost of many doubts and torments.  

Through this text of uncommon sincerity and poetic virtuosity, Arthur Rimbaud addresses fundamental questions. How to believe in God in a materialistic world? How to find inner peace when everything is collapsing around us? Here are the trials that Rimbaud went through and from which we will emerge more alive with him.  

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