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Mixed techniques

Anuk Rocha, born in West Germany, is a Bosnian painter who lives and works in Marseille. Her work has been exhibited internationally by Blue Shop Cottage (UK), Soho Revue (UK), Van Rensburg Gallery (Australia) and Felt Collections (UK), among others, and published in Munchies magazine and Ninu Nina.


Anuk has lived many lives, all of which have informed her compelling work, which tests the boundaries of what can and cannot be communicated through painting.


Coming from a mixed Muslim (Bosnian and Tunisian) family, Anuk's work communicates themes of ethnicity and alienation. Her paintings evoke notions of the dreamed within the mundane and escapism through colour and texture. Her practice combines acrylic and oil paints, oil pastels and collage. The raw textures and expressive brushstrokes evoke painterly freedom and liveliness.

Venez découvrir l'œuvre créée par Anuk Rocha pour célébrer les cent ans de la Villa Noailles.


Cocktail de fin d'exposition d'Anuk Rocha : jeudi 27 avril de 18h à 22h à la Galerie Kokanas 

Noailles (3)_edited.jpg
L'arrivée du Marinier
Scènes de la Cannebière
Auto Portrait
Alone Together
Tea For Two
Springs Flowers
The Visitor
Fiore di pesco
Blossom's Blues
Sometimes I Feel Happy
At The Carnival
Sage & Lilacs
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