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About Kokanas Gallery

Inaugurated in 2020 in the heart of the Endoume district, the Kokanas Gallery is a unique exhibition space where various art forms, generations and styles come together.

The exhibitions of plastic works are conceived as organic and plural entities where performances, readings, concerts and screenings come, through games of thematic resonance, to increase and nourish the artistic experience.

Collectors and art lovers are thus invited to broaden the horizons of their artistic perception and to discover, in addition to the works of art exhibited, works of different artistic natures: theatrical, cinematographic, musical and performative.

Kokanas strives to become a place of artistic diffusion with an international reach, with particular attention paid to emerging artists.






Discover our virtual exhibitions on Kunstmatrix:


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Kokanas x Kunstmatrix

Kokanas x Artsy


La Ruche K  

In the summer of 2022, we opened La Ruche K, a shared artists' studio space. It reflects the Gallery's desire to support artists throughout their creative process. To this end, La Ruche provides them with low-cost workshops and supports them in their growth by offering them partnerships with the public and private sector.  

To discover La Ruche, go to the site

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