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Saturday January 22 at 8 p.m. at Galerie Kokanas

Collective And other useless things

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Khaled Miloudi

Crossing the night

Performance  by the collective

And other useless things

20 minutes - followed by an aperitif and a visit to the exhibition  

     Proposed by the Collective And other unnecessary things, the performance Crossing the night  was born from the poem by Juliette Penblanc "Sept trouées d'elle et nuit", put in image by Hugues Breton and in music by Jean Baptiste Degorces.

The seven fragments of this poem are as many pictures capturing the moments of a journey in a suspended night, without beginning or end.  

      The Collective And Other Things Useless offers everyone the opportunity to drift between text, music and image, with the aim of promoting art and literature through workshops, exhibitions, publications, public interventions, and everything another event pursuing this goal.  

     Hugues Breton's pictorial research comes from learning Eva Karpinska's techniques and the irruption of the world of contemporary poetry. Inspired by the text Sept trouées d'elle et nuit by Juliette Penblanc, the artist uses watercolors to transform original photos into abstract or surreal images.


Free participation

Mandatory reservation 

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