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Reading - storytelling 

Saturday March 12 8 p.m.- part 1and Thursday March 17 at 8 p.m.- part 2

Ninety-threeby Victor Hugo - 10€ 
Reading by Sébastien Thévenet​


Victor Hugo's last novel is a masterful description of the time of the Terror. It recounts the confrontation between the Marquis de Lantenac, leader of the Vendée rebel armies, and his young nephew Captain Gauvain. Between storytelling and reading, the interpreter offers a two-part journey through this legendary novel. 


The interpreter Sébastien Thévenet offers viewers the opportunity to discover in just over two hours a major novel in French history of more than 500 pages. 

Through a flexible and agile form, it alternates between storytelling and reading to make you move forward at a beating drum in this thrilling novel, while paying homage to the sublime prose of Victor Hugo. 



Quatre-Vingt Treize immerses you in the history of the French Revolution. We discover here how the young nascent republic imposed itself against the declining monarchy. Through imaginary characters, Victor Hugo weaves a thrilling and historically accurate story of this crucial moment in the history of France. 


Part I

An English frigate, the Claymore, manned by French officers from the former Royal Navy, seeks to throw ashore a man who is to lead the Vendée insurrection against the French Republic: the Marquis de Lantenac, prince in Brittany. But the trip doesn't go as planned...


Part II 

The Marquis de Lantenac, cornered by his General Gauvain, ends up taking refuge in a defense tower. General Gauvain besieges it, but the Marquis de Lantenac holds three children hostage.  

Will General Gauvain condemn these children to achieve his ends, and make the Republic triumph? 

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