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Clément Safra

Clément Safra is a French filmmaker, cameraman and editor. His first feature film as a director, FILMUS (2017), premiered at the Locarno Film Festival as part of the official selection. His following project, THE MIRROR PEOPLE (LE PEUPLE DES MIROIRS, 2021) was presented at the Leica Store Paris Rive Gauche and the Galerie Kokanas in Marseille. In addition to his artistic activity, he has written two books on Steven Spielberg and Walt Disney.

Filmed in Cambodia, THE MIRROR PEOPLE (LE PEUPLE DES MIROIRS) tells of an ancient legend about monsters hiding inside mirrors. While probing the country’s everyday life for actual signs of the legend, the film revives the violent history of a people who once turned against themselves. Does evil lie within everyone? This is the question this fantastical tale poses through mankind's most powerful mirror: the screen. 

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