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Saturday December 4th 8 p.m.
at the Kokanas Gallery


Khaled Miloudi

In the shadows the light  

Poetry recital / Briefs of prison life

1 hour

      After spending 23 years of his life in a prison center for armed robbery, Khaled Miloudi, free now, is a miracle of the prison system. As he says himself, at a time when, as an expedient, he only had the rope or the pen, words saved him. Screenwriter, novelist and poet, he has made a name for himself through the numerous French poetry prizes he has won over the past five years. Since his release, his charisma and his talent have attracted around him many media institutions such as: La France à un Incroyable Talent,  M6, France 2, France Inter…

     Dans l'ombre la lumière , is a recital of flamboyant poetry. Designed as an open window on the daily life of an inmate in a Central Penitentiary. We discover there the world of the interior, of those which know the loneliness in the loneliness. There is of course deep suffering, infinite torment and then sometimes some dazzling bright spells, birds passing like angels in the barbed blue sky; and above all behind all this the sharing of a new wisdom, an unprecedented force, a breath never felt. 

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